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Welcome to Ecological products and services of Ethiopia. Ecopia Plc


Ecopia Plc stands for natural products and tour services based on zero waste, water free circulare economy company. For over 15 years, Ecopia has been guided by the desires and aspirations of producing organic products for our national and international consumers. Now, more than ever, Ecopia stands for high quality products and services processed in social and environmental sustainable methods.

As a social for Profit Company, we are always conscious of our environmental and social responsibility to our communities. The human and the environment factor plays a crucial role in our success in Ethiopia and worldwide.

It is with this policy and our values that we entered the national and international market with more than 15 organic food products, 30 cosmetics and herbal medicinal plant based products traceable to our 11,000 organic farmers. In order to safeguard the future of the company and the brand we trained more than 5000 organic farmers in more than 14 different regions in Ethiopia.


Ecopia food today covers almost all part of Ethiopia and planning to expand to other African countries. We have been selling our organic mango, papaya, Guva, plum jam since 2008. Our organic food harvested and processed with our communities in 14 different part of Ethiopia. All of our fruit are unique flavour, sweetness, texture and colour. All our products have 75-85% fruits and 25-15% sugar. Out pectin produced by Herbstreith & Fox KG.  Ecopia products are tested by Food Gmbh in Germany.

Ecopia produce the cleanest, greenest premium moringa oleifera in tea and powder. Ecopia food also is working with the government to have the permit to process it as Capsules. Ecopia Light Brown Sugar is soft, moist and fine-grained. It is perfect for baking needs and especially good in cakes, cookies, pies, and candies. Ecopia Organic Light Brown Sugar also good for warm oatmeal for children and adult.


Ecopia Natural Cosmetics Plc founded to provide consumers with natural body and hair care from our natural and herbal plants. We started with the biomass of our fruit products and they do not contain harmful ingredients. All our products are all natural products, do not contain artificial fragrance and colours, are paraben free, no particle free, and sulphate free. As natural products, no products contain toxic chemicals.


To bring our natural cosmetics to Ethiopian and the European market, all our products comply with international conventions concerning the supply and trade in plants. Our products registered for European market by compiling the Cosmetics Regulation (EC 1223/2009), and registered with detailed information on our company, processes and products to ensure compliance with legislation on cosmetic products and their ingredients.


We say no to animal testing, our natural cosmetic products tested for microbiology in Jena, Germany. Please ask for the safety and product information paper if you order online.



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