Coming soon in Christmass 2022. Ecopia Gemstone from SDG project. 

Welcome to Ecopia Preciouses Minerals.



Ecopia as a company closer to the communities, we have been asked from our cooperatives in Ethiopia and in Mali to participate in the positive linkage between minerals and metals and sustainable development goals. We are in the process of developing our new activities with our founders vision that under the right company policy and self-regulatory regimes beside the government, mining and development of products from preciouses metals and minerals could contribute to development by delivering significant revenues and economic linkages. Our communities come from the Africa’s treasure chest of the most beautiful gemstones and minerals.




Ecopia tractability and ethical sourcing is our guide line. Ethical sourcing of our mineral raw materials (no child labor, working with cooperatives, yearly compliance verification ) through to the packaging and sale of our product we work with all the stakeholders to bring about sustainable positive change to both the people as well as the land we touch throughout the value chain.


We starting with areas where the conflict zones have been challenging to implement SDG's: Mali and Ethiopia




2022 will be our first version of our products and activities. We are starting with raw gemstone for health and cosmetic applications. Every gemstone and minerals used in our product lines (including our jewellery) is produced by the cooperatives as well as hand selected for its beauty and individuality by our team (women workers in Africa).s tested for microbiology in Jena, Germany. Please ask for the safety and product information paper if you order online.


You will find us:

November in Berlin Messe

 Garten Lust in November to December activities


Christmass markets


You can dowload about our company profile here.

Ecopia Presentation
It tells about Ecopia working methods and vision.
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Here are some photos ecopia on work.