Inner journey tour operator (the Antidote for coronavirus blues).

Inner journey tour operator.

This social isolation or confide family relations could lead to blues, depression, and anxiety. My services is to help you use the depression, the isolation and may be the family conflict as a door to an inner journey for transformation, self-discovery and spiritual journey.

It is a guidance on how to embark on an inner journey and intimate quest leading to consciously deepening your insights about your life, your partner, your job, etc. You can also use the inner journey quest to straighten things out with yourself and the world. By doing so, you may discover beneficial insights about the problems and challenges you’re confronted with.

My name is Dr. Mitslal Kifleyesus-Matschie. I will be your inner journey tour operator. I have been implementing transformation and personal development in all the aspects of my career for over 30 years. My motivation and process for guiding people on their inner journey is rooted in the  application of Epigenetics and neurosciences to support self-improvement of one’s health and lifestyle. . My role here is to be your inner journey tour operator. I will be adjusting our retreat and workshop program to include both individual discussion and an individual program customized specifically for you. I will be guiding you in the following fields of inner journey.


  1. Learning to design your inner journey;
  2. Identifying yourself through all the four dimensions of your life (body, mind, emotions and energy).
  3. Reorganising your mind in services of your journey aims
  4. Learning how to overcome the obstacles: epigenetic or active memories registered in subconscious mind.


Tour operator for inner journey for one hour

Personal online mobile based workshop. The session can be done in English, German and French lanauge. Please pay after you have the time and date organised with Dr. Mitslal Kifleyesus-Matschie  email

If you are outside europe, please request Dr.Mitslal Kifleyesus whatsup mobile number. 

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