Ethiopia Spiritual Retreat and Tour

Most peopel seek some kind of transformation in their lives. We want to make conscious changes that improve ourselves, our teams, and our families. Once we are clear about the shifts we desire, we can begin taking the most challenging steps that are needed to make those shifts happen. Real transformation is difficult. We often get stuck in old patterns of thinking, of feeling, and of behaving. It requires more than just knowledge and determination. It requires actual rewiring of the brain. The purpose of the journey is to rewire your brain from its old patterns and to establish new patterns.


Ethiopia is one of the rare countries in the world where the great majority of the population still undertake spiritual journeys, rituals and ceremonies for their spiritual development. The transformational journey will be done during the collective religious ceremonies of Ethiopian Christmas, following the period of pilgrimage to the Timkat ceremony of the Ark of the Covenant. This spiritual journey is accomplished through immersive experiences.


More informaiton the flyer of the journey for yourself or for those whom you would like to invite.  If you are interested please send E-Mail.

Flyer spirtual and transformation tour to Ethiopia January 2021.
Ethiopoia transformation journey. 5 to 18 January 2021 with Dr. Mitslal Kifleyesus-Matschie as the tour operator of your inner and transformation joureny.
Ethiopian spirtual Journey reitreat Janu
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Life Coaching with Dr. Mitslal Kifleyesus-Matschie


One session with Dr. Mitslal Kifleyesus-Matschie life coaching online costs 100 euro. In general the session is between 50 minutes to one and half hours.


The session is paid after the first session. Please send email if you want to have a session. 


It deals on how to use consciences mind for transformation. The consciences use of our mind plays a key role in creating our desires, define our present and determine what we would pass to our future. During the sessions, Dr. Mitslal Kifleyesus-Matschie methodology supports in experiences how our mind, body, energy and emotions have the ability to forge new neural pathways and synapses. 



Dr. Mitslal Kifleyesus programs are based on the scientific results in epigenetics and neuroscience. Epigenetics "Epi" means "above". Epigenetics is the study of biological mechanisms that will switch genes on and off. Epigenetics has demonstrated that traumata from past generations are passed over to the next ones and that it is possible to bring along positive changes thru environmental adaptations.  Neuroscience deals with the anatomy, physiology, biochemistry or molecular biology of nerves and nervous tissue and especially with their relation to behaviour and learning. Research has demonstrated that with inner images or focused attention we can materialize them, that our thoughts shape our lives.

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Spirtual and Transformation tour to Ethopia (5-18 January 2021) first part total cost (4,100 euro)

The journey will be from the 5 to 21 of January 2021.The number of participants will be 12 in a group.


The journey has three sections:

1.Preparation that will be done in Europe in workshopor digital format. (open in May 2020 to July 2020)

2.Interview and discussion for selection. This is toevaluate together the stage of your inner journey before starting the transformation journey. (August 2020.) Final result will be end of August 2020.

3.Third part will be the transformational journey inEthiopia with the guidance of Dr. Mitslal Kifleyesus and her team Mr. Aaron French and Mrs. Veronica French.

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