Salaam | Welcome to Ecopia

For Profit Social Organisation

Ecopia Plc is a For Profit Social Organisation founded 2006 by Dr. Mitslal Kifleyesus-Matschie, headquartered in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia. Ecopia stands for Ecological Products of Ethiopia and for high quality organic food and natural cosmetics processed in social and environmentally sustainable methods.

Create Value

The aim of Ecopia is to process and market organic produce which creates value for both producers at the base of the economic pyramid as well as the consumers in Ethiopia and the world.

Social Mission 

As part of its social mission, Ecopia follows the inclusive business model approach were the poorest part of Ethiopia is integrated into the company's activities not only as suppliers but also as producers. So far, Ecopia has trained 6’000 organic farmers to enable them to process their own produce. Two thirds of the Ecopia employees at the headquarter or in the rural processing facilities are women, of which one third are deaf-mute.

Produced in Ethiopia

Ecopia community based products of food and cosmetics are sold in Ethiopia, in European Union and Switzerland. Ecopia has B2B relations with Edeka supermarket in Germany and well established direct marketing B2C through its online shop and active in all the Organic, Green, Vegan international fairs. Ecopia has YouTube channel and present in all social media.

Ethiopia UNESCO Biosphare Reserves 

Almost all food and commodities for Ecopia products are grown in the Ethiopian Biosphere reserves of Tana, Yayu, Kafa, and Sheka.

Organic and Forest Products

All 11’000 farmers working with Ecopia practice strictly organic farming, not using any pesticides or non-natural fertilizer. 


All Ecopia products are traceable from the raw material source through all stages of processing, from the farmers working with Ecopia to the distribution channels. The traceability system also allows to track cost along the entire value chain.

Quality Control

All Ecopia products undergo quality control checks at every stage of the production process and fulfil the required national and international standards. Quality control is supervised and managed by Ecopia’s company for quality control based in Jena (Germany). The products are also tested for allergies – strictly no tests are performed on animals.

Natural Cosmetics

Ecopia natural cosmetics only contain natural ingredients. They are free of allergens, parabens, paraffin, synthetics, chemicals, and perfume. The products comply with the strict regulations of Ethiopia and the European Union for natural cosmetics. Our natural cosmetics are the biomass products of our mango, avocado food processing.